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House Clearances

A house clearance is often associated with a major life event, such as a bereavement. In a busy and highly emotional situation, it's all too easy to accept the first offer you receive or, worse, end up paying someone to take it away!

At Watsons, we have vast experience in assessing house contents, and our expert valuers are always happy to make arrangements for efficient, careful collection. We will place items in either our General or Antique Furniture & Collectables auctions to bring them to the widest possible audience and if there's a forgotten first folio or misplaced masterpiece in the attic, we will make sure its true value is realised.

We also offer a complete house clearance service which apart from assessing the house contents as above, also includes taking all the rest of the contents that has no value to the local council tip, leaving the house completely empty (please note that this is with a third party and commercial tipping fees apply).

For further details of our house clearance services, or to arrange a visit, please call  01435 862132 or email

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